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We like to think offering same-day delivery is a pretty big deal, and we know your customers will think so too. We’ve put together some guides and assets for you to use to promote this leading new benefit to your audience. It’ll pay dividends in increased sales and happy customers!

On Your Website

Let eager shoppers know that the goods they covet can be in their hands same-day. There are several ways to do this on your site, from a separate landing page through to website banners. These can be in your own brand, or make life even easier by downloading our supplied banners, in 250×250, 320×50 or 970×90 spec.

We’ve also included an icon you can display alongside your payment merchants to build trust that we’re a proud partner. Also, don’t forget to update your FAQs to let customers know about your same-day pricing, order cut-off times and the locations we operate in (metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane if you’d like to keep it simple!).