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TAXIBOX’s Box Shop On The Move

TAXIBOX’s Box Shop On The Move


It’s impossible to miss TAXIBOX’s iconic yellow storage boxes as you drive around suburban streets – their bold and attention-grabbing boxes are perfectly branded to reflect the fun and disruptive approach of the company itself. TAXIBOX continues to think outside the box, as demonstrated by their latest innovation, the Box Shop. Through the Box Shop, TAXIBOX customers can now purchase all of their packing supplies online. 

Leigh Ridgway, TAXIBOX’s Chief Technology Officer says, “We’ve recently launched the Box Shop, our eCommerce solution which is stocked with all the packing supplies someone might need for a move or for storing their belongings in a TAXIBOX. You can get these delivered with your TAXIBOX for convenience, or if you’re in need of moving supplies ASAP  – we offer same-day and next-day delivery through our partner, Deliver In Person.” 

There’s nothing more painful than having to organise moving supplies in the middle of a house move or renovation. From boxes and packing tape to furniture covers, TAXIBOX even has bundles created based on the size of your home to make the process even easier for those who have trouble estimating what they need. 

In line with the brand’s playful approach, there’s also a range of TAXIJOX and TAXISOX available to buy – that’s right, TAXIBOX branded undies and socks with the slogan “Storing your junk since 2010”. And knowing the arrival of a TAXIBOX truck can be a big deal in the life of a little person, there’s the TAXITRUCK available too, so your little one  can keep a miniature version for the toybox at home! 

TAXIBOX was also adamant that fast and reliable delivery was part of the Box Shop offering. “As a customer focused innovator ourselves, we really liked the approach Deliver In Person takes to service – their NPS scores are over 90, and their on-time performance is excellent at 99.98%. We felt reassured they would safeguard TAXIBOX’s customer experience,” says Leigh. 

Describing themselves as ‘driven by customer-centricity,’ Leigh reminds us that Box Shop is the icing on a pretty well-rounded cake: “Our main service is our mobile self-storage solution, which allows customers to store their belongings in a secure, weatherproof container that we deliver right to their doorstep.”

Customers either book a TAXIBOX online or over the phone, and it’s delivered when convenient. They’ve got as much time as they need to pack the TAXIBOX, and it’s collected and stored at a secure storage facility. You can either drop by the facility or call TAXIBOX to deliver your box if you need to access your items. 

Alternatively, your TAXIBOX can live at your home for as long as you need. A solution  for both items you need to access regularly but are running out of room to store, and more occasional items that need a safe place. 

Leigh says, “We can store just about anything. Our customers use TAXIBOX for a variety of reasons, such as storing furniture during a renovation or keeping seasonal items like sports equipment out of the way. And as the TAXIBOXes are weatherproof, it’s safe for items that could be damaged by humidity – so think documents, artwork or electronics.” 

And to top it off? TAXIBOX also services businesses needing additional storage, and their mobile cool storage is super popular for events, weddings and florists. Makes sense as to why it’s so easy to spot a TAXIBOX in the streets near you!