Meet Wes!
Meet Wes!

Meet Wes!


Name + Title: Wes, GM of Operations

Can’t stop buying: Generally speaking, anything related to exercise, sport, food or coffee, though right now I can’t stop buying supplies to renovate our home and garden… I’m now on a first name basis at my local Bunnings 🙂

Biggest delivery headache: Can I have two? The ‘black hole’ of tracking (poor transparency), and missing a delivery.

Favourite Deliver In Person feature: Apart from our delivery certainty, my favourite feature would be the simplicity/speed of parcel booking; customers can get a parcel booked and out the door in a matter of minutes. 

Why did you join Deliver In Person? 

Easy. 3 main reasons:

  1. The team: After meeting Charmaine, Charif, Dom and Pawel, I walked away feeling energised and motivated about their individual and collective views for same-day delivery.
    Our shared passion of leadership, customer centricity, engagement and shared-success, was strongly aligned.

  2. The product: I’ll do my best to articulate this properly … the tech/product is abso-frickin-lutely incredible!
    Over the years I’ve seen a fair amount of ‘smoke and mirrors’, such as “just tell them we can do it, and work it out later”, or “sometimes it is more important to say you’re doing it, than to actually do it”. You have probably seen it, or worse, been burnt by it! Well, that’s simply not the case here at Deliver In Person. This probably speaks to leadership, however the product is smart (actually, very smart), simplified and easy to use, and does exactly what it sets out to do.
    Plus the best part… there is so much great stuff yet to come!

  3. The challenge: Starting something from the ground up in an industry that I love, with an experienced and dedicated team that have each other’s backs, was too good to pass up.
    Back in the transport game where you can truly make a difference to the user experience, is what motivates me to ensure we deliver (pun intended) on our customers expectations, so that they never miss a delivery again. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than that exact moment when we hand-deliver a parcel to the customer. 

Career overview

I am a big fan of ‘supply chain’. Having worked across many facets (from raw goods and production, to warehousing, fulfilment and delivery), I find last-mile delivery the most challenging and rewarding area. 

I have been lucky enough to have forged a thorough understanding of transport operations and related pain-points, coupled with established relationships across the industry.

Prior to joining Deliver In Person, I spent 3 years as GM with a small start-up managing missed deliveries for large multi-national carriers, and 5 years in management roles with Toll Global Express; implementing operational models whilst leading retail and last-mile fleet solutions.

What you do outside of work?

On a lazy weekend, you’ll find me cooking up a slow-smoked feast, playing sports with the kids, and enjoying a sunset around the fire-pit. We’re often out somewhere on an adventure, with the kids and our 3 year old Labradoodle (his name is Darren), exploring something in the sun. Throw in some bike riding, camping, fishing, or garden maintenance … and I’m good!