Lisa Powell Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member
Lisa Powell Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member

Lisa Powell Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member


Lisa Powell, eCommerce veteran, leader, and mentor, takes on a new advisory role with personalised last-mile delivery service provider Deliver In Person.

Following 20+ years of experience in the eCommerce industry delivering solutions for some of Australia’s leading brands, Lisa Powell joins Deliver In Person as an Advisory Board Member.

Powell is also the Head of Retail Practice at digital commerce consultancy Amblique, and co-founded ShopTalk ANZ, an eCommerce industry meet-up group that has been running for 13 years with over 2000 active members across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.

Powell comments, “I am thrilled to join the Advisory Board of Deliver In Person. As many who have attended my ShopTalk events will know, I’m passionate about how retailers can turn the last-mile delivery experience into a competitive advantage. This area of the eCommerce experience holds immense disruptive potential, which is an extremely exciting proposition.”

Deliver In Person is a technology-enabled personalised delivery solution provider for online retailers. The company aims to exceed consumers’ expectations of the last-mile delivery experience and build lasting shopper impressions of its clients’ brands.

“The innovative solutions Deliver In Person has created position its offerings beyond that of any typical delivery service provider”, explains Powell.

“The company builds technology and relationship-backed partnerships that not only support but become an extension of a brand’s customer experience. Its commitment to delivering beyond expectations shows a considered, customer-centric approach that aligns perfectly with my passion for driving innovation in eCommerce,” she continues.

Powell says that luxury retailers and experience-driven companies stand to make significant gains from enhancing the last-mile component of their offering and ensuring it is representative of their brands. She notes, “Luxury brands are focusing on immersive and personalised shopping experiences that go beyond the transactional aspect. Each touchpoint makes an impact, and brands must consider how to create those memorable moments, from product discovery to the customer’s doorstep.”

The Bain-Altagamma Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study estimates the overall luxury market growth at 8% to 10%, with Australia providing a “fertile ground for growth”.

Deliver In Person seeks to drive value for luxury and non-luxury brands alike by combining cutting-edge technology and human-centric strategy. The company states that its proprietary AI-driven algorithms bring effective route optimisation and travel time reductions. At the same time, dynamic workflows enable real-time updates to delivery timing and location, signature requirements, and returns to meet recipients’ needs as they change.

Brands can also opt for extended services like Deliver In Person’s “Wait and Try” service, where drivers wait for recipients to confirm product satisfaction, for example, fit or appearance, before taking back any unsuitable items on the spot. Additionally, drivers are said to be hand-picked, wear smart uniforms, and trained in customer-centricity, aiming to extend clients’ brand experiences right to the doorstep.

Charmaine Tham, Deliver In Person COO, elaborates, “The often-rigid legacy systems of traditional delivery services can severely limit retailers’ ability to respond to modern consumer needs. Shoppers want more from the end-to-end shopping experience, and this industry plays an integral role in meeting those demands. We’re proud to deliver beyond expectations with greater visibility, flexibility, and truly memorable last-mile experiences.”

Tham continues, “We are delighted to welcome Lisa Powell to our advisory board. Her unparalleled industry knowledge and strategic insight will strengthen our position as a tech-enabled, experience-driven delivery solutions leader. We look forward to leveraging her expertise as we continue to innovate and elevate the delivery experience for our clients.”