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Get To Know Erin!

Get To Know Erin!


Our Chief Marketing Officer Erin Williamson loves a chat… and online shopping! Read why she chose Deliver In Person as her next big marketing move.

Name + Title: Erin, Chief Marketing Officer

Can’t stop buying: God, everything – make-up, clothes, groceries, dog treats, linen, wagyu biltong, wine. I should just get my pay check sent directly to Shopify.

Biggest delivery headache: Having the apartment doorbell ring at 7am and having to bolt down in the lift in my pyjamas with my hair in a bird’s nest. Every. Single. Day. My neighbours have started giving me a wide berth. 

Favourite Deliver In Person feature: It’s coming soon – the ability to schedule deliveries to a specific time slot – so I can receive deliveries when I’m dressed and claw back some of the dignity I’ve lost recently 😀

Our CMO Erin Williamson doing the early morning pyjama-parcel dash

I joined the Deliver In Person team in March as CMO. I love the excitement and energy that comes with launching a new business, and I’ve worked with our COO Charmaine Tham previously and she’s a smart cookie, so I knew we were onto a winner! Getting into the delivery space was an interesting challenge. My perceptions going in was that it was a highly competitive and crowded industry with not much differentiation. What sold me on Deliver In Person is that it’s been designed from the ground-up to be different, in that we solve a lot of the pain points that existing carriers create. And as a marketer, it makes your work a lot more enjoyable when your product or service fits perfectly with what the market needs.

Before I joined the crew, I’ve worked in marketing and customer experience across a number of companies and industries. I’ve launched online car retailer CARS24 as their Chief Customer Officer, had a ball at Luxury Escapes as their Head of Marketing and worked my way around the Sensis / Yellow Pages business for five years. Reinvigorating one of Australia’s oldest and most recognisable brands in the Yellow Pages for the digital age was both a challenge and a highlight. I spent three years ‘across the divide’ working in advertising for M&C Saatchi and Olgilvy for clients BMW, MINI, the RSPCA, the Arts Centre, My State Bank among others which honed my love of creative. I love making a good piece of advertising!

When I’m not working I love dining out, dining in, basically dining anywhere; I’m a wine and gin enthusiast and love camping and summers at the beach. I have a dog, Harry – but he’s not as well behaved as Charmaine’s Pomeranian Teddy, so my time is spent trying to shut him up while we’re on video calls.