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Get To Know Darren!

Get To Know Darren!


Name + Title: Darren, Chief Commercial Officer

Can’t stop buying: Anything coffee related, tech, games, booze, fitness & sporting.

Biggest delivery headache: Being kept in the dark with the all too common ‘delivery uncertainty’ abyss.

Favourite Deliver In Person feature: Real-time parcel tracking & the ability to communicate with the delivery driver (& them with me)!

Why did you join Deliver In Person?  To democratise eCommerce same-day delivery and bring to the mass market what is currently exclusive to Amazon – if you’re into Star Wars, think of it like “arming the rebels”. Currently the same-day carrier landscape is broken, where you really only have 2 main options: Option 1 – “traditional” carriers attempting to retro-fit same-day delivery into their legacy infrastructure (yuck!), or Option 2 – on-demand food delivery companies attempting a ‘jack of all trades’ approach by also handling eCommerce parcels (you get a rude shock when discovering it’s extremely limited & riddled with caveats ..also yuck!). I wanted to disrupt the space, fearlessly challenge the status-quo by creating an entirely new solution with a purpose-built carrier network, technology and AI that solves these highly complex problems for eCommerce same-day delivery; a carrier version 2.0.

Career overview

Before joining Deliver In Person, I’ve had a 23+ year career: building & exiting several multi-million-dollar eCommerce companies from start-up, advised clients as a Management Consultant & held executive positions for a multi-billion dollar global company. From SME/Start-up, Management Consulting & Large Corporate – I’ve gained unique perspectives having worked on all 3 sides as: provider, advisor & client. In my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work directly & intimately with some of the largest, high-profile, elusive & fastest growing local & global eCommerce & Retailer Companies (both Private & Publicly listed). In working closely with these eCommerce juggernauts, fast-growth DTC’s &’s, I’ve had a rare ‘behind the scenes’ look into their strategies, setup & operations. Two important fundamentals always hold true: 1) be customer-obsessed and 2) adapt or die.

What you do outside of work 

Eat!…I’m on a lifetime quest to satisfy my inner-foodie one dish & coffee at a time. I also enjoy the great outdoors, fitness & travelling. With my solo sky-diving & paragliding days behind me, I try to be that ‘cool dad’ by spending a lot of time taking my wolf pack of 3 kids & pet Jug (Jack Russel x Pug) on adventurous outings.

Our Chief Commercial Officer and coffee addict, Darren!