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Get To Know Charmaine!

Get To Know Charmaine!


We grab 5 minutes with Charmaine Tham, our COO and fearless Co-Founder to talk what brought her to Deliver In Person, what she loves to do outside of work, and why her Pomeranian Teddy is the most stylish pup in Sydney!

Name + Title: Charmaine, Chief Operating Officer + Co-Founder

Can’t stop buying: Clothes for Teddy, my Pomeranian – he has turtlenecks, hoodies, wraps, rain jackets and a puffer jacket. My favourite is his tartan undies.

Biggest delivery headache: I live in an apartment, and I don’t know when I will be home. Unsuccessful deliveries happen ALL the time, and I am so sick having to queue up at the post office almost every week!

Favourite Deliver In Person feature: They contact me to organise my delivery, when I know I will be home!

As COO of Deliver In Person, I am bringing to life one of the key opportunities of this decade – same-day delivery for eCommerce. As a busy professional and prolific online shopper, I am constantly dismayed by the lack of same-day delivery options in the eCommerce customer experience in Australia today. In 2022, we are taking a leap forward to change this for the Australian economy and beyond.

Prior to this calling, the highlights of my career include working on 6 start-up and scale-ups on strategy, planning and execution across multiple industries in Australia, as part of Boston Consulting Group. I’ve also worked in a seed-stage SaaS start-up in customer delivery, as well as started my own custom-fit wetsuit eCommerce side-hustle (which is still going). Prior to BCG, I worked in sales and marketing in animal health for 8 years, and as a veterinarian in private practice for 4 years. I was on the Board for NFP Vets Beyond Borders for 9 years. I bring to Deliver In Person my unique breadth of experience, from being at the frontline all the way up to C-suite strategy, giving me an uncommon perspective of everything that is needed to build a business – from business strategy, people leadership to operational execution.

My personal interests are all about the outdoors, learning new physical skills and exploration, and of course my dog Teddy! I love diving – scuba and free, highlights include cavern diving in South Australia and Mexico, and polar diving in 0 degree oceans in Antarctica. I dabble in hiking and trekking, with my favourite trek being the Mountains of the Moon in Uganda (>5,000m). I am now learning how to surf!