Eric Morris Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member
Eric Morris Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member

Eric Morris Joins Deliver In Person as Advisory Board Member


Eric Morris, former CEO of Brand Collective and PAS Group, takes on a new advisory role with tech-enabled, experience-driven delivery solution provider Deliver In Person.

After nearly 20 years with Brand Collective / PAS Group, former CEO Eric Morris is embracing the next evolution of his executive experience.

Morris started The PAS Group under private equity and successfully led the organisation to an ASX listing in 2014. In March 2022, PAS Group merged with Brand Collective, becoming Australia’s third-largest retail fashion group. At that time, Morris took on the CEO role for the combined group.

After moving from the CEO position to a formal board and advisory role for Brand Collective earlier this year, Morris established the advisory group Albany Advisory. 

Morris says the strategic emphasis of Albany Advisory is on helping brands – both in core and peripheral retail industry segments – to grow. He explains further, “I’ve always been closely involved with retail and brands. I’ve now taken an opportunity to extend my work with organisations, a few of which are slightly outside that sphere. Deliver in Person is one of those companies that, although still connected to retail, is ancillary to what I’ve always been doing. What’s most rewarding in this current role is seeing the value that can be added to these organisations – and their customers – in a relatively short period of time.”

Deliver In Person, a technology-enabled personalised delivery solution provider for online retailers, says its crucial market differentiator is its implementation of technology, infrastructure, and a human touch going into every delivery experience. The company intends to “humanise and transform the delivery journey” by integrating proprietary AI-driven algorithms and predictive analysis to optimise routes and reduce travel time. Its dynamic workflows also adapt to recipients’ needs post-despatch by updating job details in real-time, such as delivery timing and location, signature requirements, and returns.

Deliver In Person COO Charmaine Tham adds, “The often-rigid legacy systems of traditional delivery services can severely limit retailers’ ability to respond to modern ecommerce needs. Customer expectations have evolved, and the shipping & fulfilment industry must evolve with them. We’re proud to deliver beyond expectations with greater visibility, flexibility, and a truly memorable last-mile experience.”

Deliver In Person’s “Wait and Try” service also sees drivers waiting for recipients to confirm product satisfaction, for example, fit or appearance, with drivers taking back any unsuitable items. Drivers are also hand-picked, wear smart uniforms, and are trained in delivering customer-centric experiences, which Deliver In Person says creates a lasting impression of its clients’ brands.

The company’s delivery and recipient metrics appear to reflect its competitive differentiators. Deliver In Person’s September 2023 benchmarks show a 99.9% DIFOT (Delivered In Full On Time) with a +97 NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Morris notes, “Deliver In Person has a unique position in the market as a delivery solution provider with bespoke services. The company blends a tech-enabled infrastructure with a human-centric approach to create remarkably valuable post-purchase experiences.”

Morris says he is thrilled to use his experience in providing strategic direction to Deliver In Person and looks forward to helping the company make its transformational mark on the delivery services industry. He adds, “The value you demonstrate to customers and the experiences you create for them are what keep them coming back. In the current climate, some companies are focusing on cost-cutting, while others are looking to add value. Those that successfully add value will be the ones retaining customers long-term, and that’s quite evident in the delivery services sector.”